My journey into the 13th Colony of Learning

Interesting exercise on this week’s ocTEL course.  Some questionnaires on on-line readiness to help learners assess whether they are ‘ready’ for online learning (or not / yet):

I enjoyed Penn State followed by Houston.  The other two, I thought, seemed to be open to bias as it was obvious what conclusion would be drawn from the responses to questions asked.  People might (even unconsciously) select responses which lead to the conclusion they want to hear.  Or perhaps this is just my old market research past catching up with me. Is it just me?


Beginning the Journey

I have just signed up for the ocTEL MOOC and plan to document my journey using this blog.  I haven’t used WordPress before – I usually blog using the **whispers** competitor platform.

I want to learn more about how to use technology to enhance my students’ experience, learn to use new tools and develop more distance learning capability for my courses.

This is the first step – trying out WordPress – learning to use a new tool already!

Inspire to learn

Reflections on teaching and learning in higher education

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A place to drop my thoughts for the ocTEL MOOC


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